Herrnbaumgarten – the wacky village
Towards the Czech border behind Poysdorf, the Weinviertel starts to undulate like a rug that someone has tripped over. The slopes show the persistent warp thread pattern of the vineyard rows. The hamlets lay as if huddled together in the wide creases of the valleys.
Nonseum Herrnbaumgarten
In a world of numerous contact points for self-help which bombard us with advice, the NONSEUM has a particularly sincere character. It’s really no use to anyone, but it does this very scrupulously and with great affection.
Laa Spa
Only 25 km away from Herrnbaumgarten: Hotel and Spa in Laa/Thaya.
Nitsch Museum Mistelbach
Museum Centre Mistelbach with Nitsch Museum and changing exhibitions.
Film Court Aspern
A theatre and film centre playing year-round and a flourishing restaurant in the former manor of the castle of Asparn/Zaya.
A wide, open and inviting region. Vineyards on rolling hills, swaying cornfields, cultural landmarks at every corner and idyllic cellar lanes. Get-togethers, wine tastings and delicacies in rural inns will make getting to know the Weinviertel a delight.
Lower Austrian Wine Route
Lower Austria is the country for connoisseurs – for oenophiles especially. The Lower Austrian Wine Route takes you through the open country around Vienna, uniting all eight Lower Austrian wine-growing areas: Carnuntum, Weinviertel, Wachau, Thermenregion, Danube region, Kamp Valley, Traisen Valley and Krems Valley.
Lednice – Eisgrub
Only 17 km away from Herrnbaumgarten, the romantic Liechtenstein castle Eisgrub. With minaret, aquarium, palm house, castle, and much more.
Valtice – Feldsberg
Only 8 km away from Herrnbaumgarten is the town of Feldsberg, just across the border. It’s an excellent base for exploring the Liechtenstein castles of Feldsberg, Eisgrub and Nikolsburg.
Nikolsburg – Mikulov
Nikolsburg is one of the most beautiful towns of South Moravia. Particularly worth visiting are the castle, old town square, Jewish cemetery and Turold cave.