Zweigelt Herrnbaumgarten 2016

Grows in the highest vineyards of Herrnbaumgarten, where clay-rich marl is covered with limestone. These small limestone chips are 15 million-year-old sediments of nullipores (red algae).


Origin: Herrnbaumgarten – Lower Austria

Soil: clay-rich marl coverd with limestone.

Harvest: hand picking with strict selection

Grape processing & vinification: Mash fermentation with pumping over (10 days), malolactic fermentation and vinification in used wooden barrels.

Analysis: Alc.: 13.2 % ABV; residual sugar: 1 g/l; acidity: 4.8 g/l

Description: Aromas of raspberry and ripe cherries, very spicy. Also spicy and savoury on the palate. Fine structure, beautiful tannins.

Food pairing: Goes with boiled beef, roast duck, martini goose.

Drinking temperature: 17°C

Best age to open: 2 – 4 years after vintage

Zweigelt Herrenbaumgarten Etikett Weingut Frank